Ahavas Sholom – an Historic Landmark and Sacred Space

Newark's Last Remaining Synagogue born of the Great European Migration at the turn of the 20th Century

145 Broadway, Newark, NJ 07104
Phone: 973-485-2609 | Email: cahavassholom@optimum.net


Thursday, March 17, 2022, beginning 8 pm

Weekly Torah Study Group 

Torah Portion: Parashat Tzav 
Leviticus, Chapter VI, Verse 1-Chapter VIII, Verse 36: Pages 429-438

Read Parashat Tzav before the meeting, by turning to pages 410-423 in the Hertz Chumash or clicking here.

To listen to Chapter 6 click here.
To listen to Chapter 7 click here.
To listen to Chapter 8 click here.

Come to Torah Study and bring your observations and questions about the parashah, to the discussion.

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Meeting ID: 83336218097
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