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CDCA Coffee

Hello all,
As you know from my earlier email, I have had to cancel my spring trip up from Nicaragua because of coronavirus travel & gathering restrictions.  BUT, I just had 200#s of marvelous Nicaraguan coffee freshly roasted, to drive to you on my trip… You know I always have it with me. 
We need help getting it soldSo here’s a steal of a deal… you can have as much as you want (it freezes well) for $10/pound plus shipping costs… organic, bird-friendly, shade-grown Nicaraguan coffee… and besides that it helps a lot of farmers in Nicaragua!  You can stay socially distanced while you order!  You can sip it while you video-chat with family and friends across the miles!  And you can spread this word to others via email…To get this price, TELL FarmerShares YOU ARE BUYING THE JHC-CDCA SARAH SPECIAL SALE COFFEE.

What’s available at this special price? 135# whole bean dark roasted and 65# ground.  I believe most of them will have Their-Bucks Coffee labels on them that will look familiar to you, and all of this is in one pound bags.  In the future, when you are subscribing to order your own coffee (delivered to your door), the bags will have FarmerShares labels on them… 

To Order: (and please copy me on your email so I know how this sale is going)   

phone: 336/529-9043
Thanks, and enjoy your coffee! 
Two footnotes… since I’m still trying to make sure everybody on my trip schedule knows I’ve cancelled… please help spread the word, and you can get to my quickly-recorded presentation here:  
And my Rotary presentation here:
Sarah in Nicaragua
Sarah Junkin Woodard
Jubilee House Community, Inc.
Center for Development in Central America