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Simon Says, July 1, 2022

This week’s Torah portion, Korach, recounts the most serious challenge to Moses.  Korach, a descendant of Levi, and his 250 followers confronted Moses.  Korach said to Moses, “You have gone too far!  For all the community are holy, all of them, and the Lord is in their midst.  Why then do you take yourselves above the Lord’s congregation?”  Korach’s rebellion ended badly for Korach, and he and his followers were swallowed by the earth.

I am reminded of the House investigation into the January 6, 2020, invasion of the Capitol.  We have a more than two-hundred-year tradition of a peaceful transition from one administration to the next administration, but the current investigation reveals the former administration pursued the denigration of the electoral process.

Korach and his followers challenged Moses and Aaron, and God’s plan.  The former administration in the United States challenged the rule of law.  Will the earth swallow the January 6 perpetrators?  Stay tuned.