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Simon Says, October 15, 2021

This week’s Torah portion, Lech L’cha, describes the start of Abram’s (later Abraham’s) journey.  We, however, don’t need to be Abraham to journey through our life.

Some people are famous because they did important things.  The Wright brothers, for example, ran a bicycle shop in Dayton, Ohio, and were obsessed with birds.  They put their knowledge of birds’ flying to heavier-than-air machines and they built the first successful airplane.

Some people are famous because they created lasting artistic creations.  Mozart composed operas that have lasted, at last count, almost 250 years. 

Some people are famous because they discovered a scientific breakthrough.  Alexander Fleming discovered the antibacterial properties of a mold, naming it penicillin.

Some people are famous because they are in the public eye.  Actors, politicians, and singers are in the category.

Some people, in comparison, live ordinary lives.  They get married and they raise a family.  They get up each morning to go to work as a teacher, assembly-line worker, lawyer, postal worker, or garbageman, to earn money to support their family.  Their journey leads them to satisfaction, disappointment, victories and defeats.  Their journey leads them to triumphs and downfalls, but they keep on going. 

Every individual has a journey.  Every individual has people who depend on him or her.  Every individual has responsibilities that he or she needs to meet.  And every individual’s journey is as important as Abraham’s.