Ahavas Sholom – an Historic Landmark and Sacred Space

Newark's Last Remaining Synagogue born of the Great European Migration at the turn of the 20th Century

145 Broadway, Newark, NJ 07104
Phone: 973-485-2609 | Email: cahavassholom@optimum.net


Thursday, May 25, 2023, beginning at 8 pm 

Tikkun Leil Shavuot, 
Shavuot Services, and Torah Study 
Dinner, Cheesecake, and Ice Cream 
Help Us Make Minyan 
Do You Want to Teach?
We Will Provide You with the Text. 

Shavuot commemorates the anniversary of the day God gave us the Torah, as we assembled at the foot of Mount Sinai, and marks the conclusion of the counting of the Omer.  

Although face masking is still recommended as a defense against the transmission of Covid 19 and other communicable diseases, masking will no longer be a requirement for participation in activities at Ahavas Sholom. 

The requirement to present proof of recent vaccination before admission to the premises is also waived.  

Let Jeff know if you would like to teach.  We will provide you with the text.  Call Jeff at 973-207-3095.

To attend on Zoom, click on the below Zoom link. 

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Meeting ID: 83993766207
Passcode: 901122

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